Welcome to the Jellick PTA page!

The PTA is a Volunteer group uniting Jellick Families and Jellick Teachers to create a positive, encouraging, and overall better environment for our students!  We help organize activities like Spirit Days, Field Trips, and Talent Shows for students and facilitate school fundraisers! Last year we raised the money for the amazing new murals on the main office! This year we helped provide our custom Jellick masks!


Mural Mural


We would love to have you join us!
If you call Jellick your child’s school home, you belong in PTA!  Becoming a member is easy and it only costs $10 per person! (Please note there is a $1 Online process fee)

You can also drop off $10 in an envelope at the school office. Please write JELLICK PTA on the envelope along with your name plus the names of your students at Jellick.

Additional donations are always welcome!

Want to get more involved? We can’t do it alone! We need you! Help us organize, sort, plan, facilitate, and get our activities off the ground!  Or do you have a concern, questions, or suggestions? Please email us!