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Our Mission

The purpose of Jellick Elementary School is to prepare and support all students to develop a strong social-emotional foundation, achieve at high levels academically, and behave in a socially responsible manner so they advance to the next level.
Jellick's Behavioral Expectations: Jellick Jaguars belong to a pride where they achieve their best, behave responsibly, and communicate effectively within their community as scholars and citizens.
Our motto is: We are Readers! We are Writers! Jaguars Never Quit!

News & Announcements

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Season 5 Episode #3
Jellick PTA Needs Your Help! Featured Photo

Jellick PTA Needs Your Help!

Jellick PTA Board positions are open for this year and we need Jellick Families to help fill these positions so we can continue to offer students & staff great activities for this coming school year.

Back to School Night

Back to School Night- 5:45 Principal's Message 6:00 Session 1 6:30 Session 2 7:00 Outdoor Science Camp