Welcome To Jellick Elementary!

We continue to accept enrollment for new students. With the recent move to Online Teaching and COVID restrictions, we will be updating our enrollment process. 
Upon enrollment, you will need to present the following documentation (please send the photo of the document below to rusd-jellick@rowlandschools.org)
  • You'll need to complete the Aeries Online Enrollment Form, before you submit the following documents to our school.
  • Birth Date Verification  One of the following: Original Birth Certificate, Hospital Certificate, or Passport.
  • Immunization Record  Proof of up-to-date immunizations (see Immunizations letter below.)
  • Address Verification  Please provide one of the following: Utility bill (gas, water, electricity, or cable), rental, or mortgage papers.
  • Parent ID  Parent or legal guardian's ID.
For more information, please visit our District Page