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Jellick currently offers After School Sports for upper-grade students only. Our Jaguar Sports Program includes the following sports: Softball, Basketball & Soccer. Students will play against other schools in our District & compete to be the Final Four. 

Jellick Primary PM (Art) Club

Jaguars in first through third-grade can participate in an after-school art club. Students learn about various artists. Students get to use the approach and style of the artist as they create their own works of art.

Jellick Science Club

Jellick Elementary participates in the annual Los Angeles County Science Olympiad. We currently have earned bronze and silver medals (and are still working for the gold). Students in fourth through sixth-grade meet after school to work on science principles and activities to understand science and prepare for the Olympiad in spring. Jellick also participates in several science grant programs for students in third through fifth-grade in addition to our Science Club.

Options @ Jellick

Our school also offers a couple Options programs designed to enrich your child's elementary years. Programs will vary based on hours of operation & fees. Please see the Options page on our After School Programs page.