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Jellick Elementary School - Winner of CA Golden Ribbon, Title I Academic Achievement Award, and PBIS Bronze Medal Recipient.

We're At Farjardo!

School finally began today! It was a great day as Jellick students and parents came to our temporary home at the Farjardo campus. It was crowded, but it was festive. We had a lot of people helping to direct students and parents to classrooms as our students reunited with old friends (and made new ones as well). As we do every year, we will be monitoring enrollment and will make changes to classes in a few weeks (if we need to).

The front of the school can get very busy! If your child is eligible to take the bus from Jellick, I highly encourage you to do so. It's free and you save time (and gas money). It's also safer than fighting the traffic.

If you get a chance, drive by the Jellick campus. You will be surprised. You will then understand why we moved to Farjardo during our modernization. Your child will be safer here than attending school at a construction site. And the good news is the work is ahead of schedule. If this continues, we will be back at Jellick the first week of January, 2012.

Finally, please obey all traffic laws while at the Farjardo campus. White zones are for pick up or drop off only - never park and leave your car. Never park in a red zone, or in a handicapped spot (unless you have the correct sticker). Please, 25 miles-per-hours at all times on Farjardo St. Finally, our staff parking lot gets crowded and dangerous. Please do not park and drop off students in the school parking lot. Use the parking lot at the park, it's a lot safer.