Parent Ed - Learning About Standards

It was a cool evening last Tuesday evening. Yet parents (and children) came to find out about California's standards, and how they could support their children. Ms. Larson and Ms. Correa reviewed both English/Language Arts and Mathematics standard in "kid-friendly" language (in both English and Spanish). There were even suggestions for each standard on simple ways parents could support their children at home with little or no cost.
We also covered released questions from previous State tests to give parents an idea of the rigor begin demanded by California's standards. That was eye opening, but very helpful.
Finally, we review for our parents some of the assessments Jellick uses to determine instructional levels in reading (DRA and SRI). Each parent was challenged to ask their child for their reading level so they could see how well they were performing now versus waiting until report card time.
Overall, our parents were appreciative of the effort and quality of support we are putting into our parent education at Jellick. If you missed this great opportunity, check our calendar and see when the next parent education opportunity is coming. If you have any questions, contact either Mr. Staumont or Ms. Larson via email or by phone. Together, our Jellick students will succeed.